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Aviation English

When dealing with any aviation matter, some form of advanced and specialised proficiency in English is essential for two reasons:

1. There is a mandatory minimum requirement for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) stipulated by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and enforced by national Aviation Authorities;

2. English is, unofficially, the official language of aviation as it is extensively used in, but not limited to, technical and flight manuals, airworthiness documents, navigation and weather information, international law and regulations, international business management, academic research and engineering.

Gallery Languages has delivered Aviation English courses to achieve the ICAO Level 4 rating as well as Courses of English for Specific Purposes – Aviation.
The delivery options for our courses include:

a) Classroom face­‐to‐face, at customer’s location;

b) Classroom face­‐to-face, residential in the UK or other English speaking countries;

c) One­‐to­‐One on-­line tutoring;

d) One‐to­‐One in the UK/Customer’s location;

e) On‐line preliminary testing.

Our specialised team comprises of the Director of Aviation English, Subject Matter Experts and Aviation English teachers and assessors. We will be pleased to discuss the details of any learning requirements and to design and deliver the most suitable and cost effective training program.