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OXFORD WORLD THEATRE is a project by Daniel Zappi, English actor, singer-songwriter, playwright and director.
Daniel trained at the Oxford School of Drama and since 2001 has worked as an actor with theatre companies both in England and abroad, Italy in particular. He has led theatre workshops in a wide variety of contexts, from primary, secondary and high-schools to old-age retirement homes.
He has led theatre projects in a number of different countries including Italy, Russia, Poland and the United States, as well as England.

What we do
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WE TRAVEL TO YOU and deliver a theatre project over the space of 1, 2, 3 weeks or more, undergoing a series of drama workshops and rehearsals, in preparation for a high-quality English theatre performance which will be performed by you or your students to an audience at the end of the project.
All of our shows are very musical, including dancing and songs written specifically for each performance, and all the scripts are tailor-made for each group we work with. We do this by skilfully adapting the language level of the script to suit the often varying language abilities present in each group.
The project runs for three hours/day, either in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, as it best suits your agenda, and the final performance can take place in any space that is large enough for an audience to gather and for a stage area.

Learning outcomes
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Theatre is an ideal language-learning vehicle. It is fun, social, and it engages the whole of oneself using the imagination as its limitless fuel. But above all it can teach you something very important: how to communicate.
By preparing a tailor-made English play for an audience, you will learn:

  • lots of new English vocabulary
  • how to work with others towards a definite aim
  • to communicate clearly and effectively in English
  • to tap into your creativity and express yourself


Our projects
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Oxford World Theatre TEACHERS for English teachers
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